• History

    In 1995 I founded the ‚Studio fuer Gesang Berlin‘ to establish a suitable, safe space to learn in which singers can try out their voices and exchange experiences. My field of work now includes singing lessons for professional singers, for … Weiterlesen

  • Belcanto

    „The rules of study that we apply to our vocal development are not imposed upon us; on the contrary, they are formed from centuries of observation of the natural behaviour of those parts of the body that are used in singing.“ … Weiterlesen

  • Belting

    More and more professional singers contact me with a similar issue: „I’m on stage and sing my repertoire, but I really do not know what a healthy belt is exactly. Can my intuitive approach be used more safely by objective … Weiterlesen

  • The legato line

    All singers agree that the mastery of legato is a prerequisite for successful creative work. The ability to sing long legato lines is therefore maybe on of the things that are characteristic of an international sound standard – because you … Weiterlesen

  • Auditions

    „Can you remember an inspired moment in your life? Can you remember your feeling at that point and can you draw from that experience?“ – James Levine „You have to look so long at the impossible until it becomes an easy … Weiterlesen

  • Coaching

    „We now that each particle in the physical universe experiences its quality by the frequency, patterns and overtones of its special vibrations, i.e.by its ’singing‘. The same applies to all forms of radiation, to all strong and weak forces of … Weiterlesen