In 1995 I founded the ‚Studio fuer Gesang Berlin‘ to establish a suitable, safe space to learn in which singers can try out their voices and exchange experiences.

My field of work now includes singing lessons for professional singers, for semiprofessionals, students of singing, actors and performers in musicals, coaching for professionals, voice seminars in all of Germany and open classes at regular intervals in Berlin, which is a forum to train the situation of singing in front of an audience.

In the early years my main focus of work was both in private lessons and in the seminars on vocal performance and education, namely the exploration of the singers‘ own vocal means. In more recent times I have done more vocal coaching: singers and actors work in a highly competitive market and are constantly confronted with multi-disciplinary requirements that demand specific training.

During this period my work has become more and more centered upon training singers for auditions and the multifarious aspects to meet these requirements:

Is there a professional voice standard, and if so, what are its features and how do I reach them?

Which resources enable the listeners to recognize the skills of the singers in their uniqueness during the audition?

My experience through my teaching of singing at a drama school drew my focus more and more to finding and defining acting roles and their connections to the personality of the singer. What is the deepest inner impulse to face this competition?

My work has been strongly shaped by the encounter with David L. Jones: it was very important for my teaching to become a learner again, to feel this new mood and internalize what a practicing coach must never forget: the insight that a voice teacher’s work includes life-long learning, a constant questioning and review of his own work and skills, a moving forward.

The revival of a grand old tradition which created wonderful singers, the Swedish-Italian technique, combined with modern holistic body work, an actor’s role awareness, and teaching self-management (Learning how to learn) are now the cornerstones of my work that I want to share with interested lay people, students of singing, drama students, professionals, voice teacher and voice therapists.